Showcase a photo gallery on your website

Showcase a photo gallery on your website

Using elfsight to show a photo gallery of your business / products on your website

Once upon a time, there was a cool kid on the block called Flickr and Yahoo! bought it for some $20M+. It still is quite cool for a long time but uploading photos via a mobile app like Instagram brought Flickr far less popular since Flickr was built in the era of regular desktop file upload.

The beauty was its API services for developers to create apps based on Flickr photos. The API still exists - - but Instagram acquired all next-gen users - and a great chunk of them are on mobile-only on a daily basis, being able to just slip in the devices in their pockets.

Instagram also has an embed option to embed a single post / photo to an HTML page on a website. The option to embed an entire Instagram feed is not available out of the box. This can be achieved using Instagram's API but requires some development time.

If you're looking for a quick solution where-in you just want to dump your photos on Instagram and not elsewhere, and want to showcase a gallery then elfsight is a viable option. If you are ready to shell out $5 a month beyond their free 200-views-per-month plan then wouldn't it cut a developer's time and cost?

They have a post on how to get this done at -

If you want to change the layout, there are some settings that can be altered with. Though I would've preferred a custom CSS code edit.

An example of this embed is at