carrd - A Low Budget Landing Page Service

carrd - A Low Budget Landing Page Service - fully responsive one-page sites service

I was going through my slack today and I came across this person's post :

Does anyone know what the cheapest way to host a landing page is? I used elastic beanstalk before but it cost me $100 a month…

I mean - $100 for a landing page? Spending $100 a month for provisioning a server for your webapp makes sense and with $100 / mo you can scale to a fairly large extent given that a lot of sites with traffic of 1K - 10K per day are on some shared hosting servers like hostinger or bluehost or dreamhost or hostgator which start at way below $10 a month. But using Elastic Beanstalk for a landing page is not worth the money and the effort to set up. Because landing pages are meant to be generating leads and sales. So a product developer, focus on the application itself and use some 3rd party service for digital marketing if you cannot hire a full-time staff to do so.

For just a landing page for your upcoming product, I would suggest you go for a landing page service like which has PRO plans starting at $19 a year for 10 websites. That's a lot of sites considering a yearly expense. (So, they have a $9 a year for 3 websites plan but this doesn't support custom domains, so I don't know who is their target audience for such a plan). The Pro plan has options for forms, embeds which can be hooked to most form email service providers like SendInblue and even has Buy Now buttons supporting payment gateways etc. Their Plus plan has even more features like redirects, password protection and variables and site files, which I am not sure what the last 2 are. The interesting thing is, within their Pro and Plus plans they sub-plans to support more sites under Pro and Plus plans.

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